Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks (swatches + video)

Zdravo svima! Ispitni rok je završen i konačno je došao red da se malo opustim i posvetim blogu i kanalu ;) Za danas sam vam spremila recenziju novih Avon Ultra Color Indulgence ruževa za usne :) Svoje utiske ću pisati na engleskom ispod svake slike za svoje strane čitaoce, a vas ću zamoliti da pogledate video o ovim ruževima koji se nalazi na kraju posta, kao i na mom YouTube kanalu jer sam tamo sve lepo objasnila :) I puno bi mi značilo kad biste me i tamo zapratili :) 
Pa, da pređemo na swatcheve! :) 

Hello everyone! The exams are finally over and now is the time for me to relax and dedicate my energy to the blog and filming videos :) Today I'm going to talk about the new lipstick line from Avon called Ultra Color Indulgence :) I have already filmed a video on these which you can find on my YouTube channel, but since it's in Serbian and you probably wouldn't understand anything, this post is going to be in English ;) 
So, let's begin! :)

So, let's start with the packaging. I really like it because it's
slimmer and longer, different than the ones from other collections.
The finish is creamy and really nice. As for the names, they have FINALLY changed them to something prettier and more interesting - they have added the names of the flowers! Also, after the application you are left with a pleasant feeling on the lips, which is great. And the smell is divine - it smells like honey and something sweet, which I find really important ;)
However, there are some things that I didn't like. First, the formula and the pigmentation of some shades was a bit disappointing, as you will see in the pictures later. I am used to the lighter shades being sheer, but I was so annoyed when I saw that the darker shades were also badly pigmented. And secondly, there are a lot, and I DO mean a lot of similar shades in this collection, mostly mauve and pinkish tones. I wish they had included more red shades, but that is my personal preference, I know that a lot of girls like wearing pinkish tones :)

Ok, enough talking! Let's move on to the most interesting part - the swatches ;) There are 20 shades and, as always, I will start with the lighter ones :)

1. In Bloom

A light, nude colour with a bit of shimmer, badly pigmented.

2. Honey Flower

A very nice and rich nude colour with a pinkish undertone. It's also nicely pigmented and perfect for an everyday make-up look.

3. Daffodil Petal

A light, coral colour. Due to its bad formula I had to apply it for a long time in order to be able to take a decent picture.

4. Hibiscus

A really nice pink colour with a purple / lilac undertone. However, it's badly pigmented.

5. Pink Blossom

Another pretty pink lipstick perfect for spring, but also badly pigmented.

6. Petal Pink

A true lilac colour which would be perfect for summer on a tanned skin, but, unfortunately, with a very bad formula.

7. Royal Peony

A lovely, coral / reddish colour with a great pigmentation!

8. Poppy Pink

A beautiful pink lipstick! Perfect for any occasion! I was amazed by the pigmentation! :)

9. Peach Petunia

A nice coral colour with a good formula.

10. Orchid Petal

A dark pinkish colour with a great formula!

11. Garden Rose

A pinkish-mauve colour, excellent pigmentation :)

12. Tawny Rose

Unlike the previous one, this one is more nude. Again, such a nice and natural colour that would be perfect for any occasion. 

13. Day Lily

A bit darker than the previous one and very similar to the shade called "Garden Rose," but this one is more mauve.

14. Spring Lilac

A bit darker, lilac colour, more on the pinkish side. The formula could have been a bit better.

15. Rose Bouquet

Another pretty mauve / reddish colour with a great formula :)

16. Purple Hyacinth

A very pretty, darker purple colour with an excellent formula :)

17. Red Tulip

The only red colour in the collection, but it's absolutely beautiful!

18. Red Dahlia

A dark, red colour with a brown undertone. The formula is a bit on the sheer side and I had some trouble with the application.

19. Plum Verbena

A dark, plum colour with a brownish / burgundy undertone but, unfortunately, very badly pigmented.

20. Chocolate Rose

A true, chocolate colour with a terrible formula... I really expected more from this shade, but I was just left disappointed.

I za kraj, pogledajte video :)


Kako se vama dopada? :)
Do sledećeg puta,

How do you like it? :)
Until next time, 

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  1. Narucila sam Poppy Pink i Plum Verbena, iskreno ocekivala sam skroz drugacije nijanse, skroz su razlicite kod tebe na usanama.. Nisu mi jos stigle ali videcu kako ce se pokazati :)